Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Some folks will do anything to keep from writing.

Today, however, it required a two-pronged approach. First, customers are always good for that kind of procrastination, and today they produced for me in a big way. Most of them found it hard to believe they'd have to wait at least two months before the guys could come replace their flooring. But only one person actually said she couldn't wait that long, sorry. I set up three new measures for the guys to do. We have three entire brand new houses between now and freedom, and by then there will be more stuff. The usual spring rush is just now starting.

My second approach was in fielding emails to and from folks interested in joining the Christian sff crit group that I'm involved in. When I posted openings, I didn't expect quite so much attention. If everyone who asked for initial information today responds again and wants to take the process a step further, I'll have a fair bit of critting to do as well. All in a good cause, though. We need more brains to bounce ideas off of, and are perfectly willing to bounce other people's ideas too. And if you are reading this as one of those applicants, don't worry, I didn't get SO MANY that we're turning folks away on that account. We'd be full, though!

Have you heard this before? Tomorrow I MUST get back to work on my novel.

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Katie Hart said...

I'd be applying too, Valerie, IF I was actually working on my fantasy.

I find the worst distractions are the things related to writing - for me, my reviews. They do nasty things to my novel word counts.

Thanks for the link, too!