Thursday, May 19, 2005

And about writing...

Wednesday was one of those frustrating non-writing days. I SO hate when that happens. I'm a moderator over at Forward Motion and one of the boards I help to oversee is the Young Writers' Scene. This section is private, and can only be accessed by kids under 18 (and their trusty moderators) upon approval. It was my day to learn how to grant access. Yikes. I came so close to crashing my work computer it wasn't funny. One of the areas I had to go is the FM database, which includes all 7000 plus members. My computer is OLD. It did not like it there at all. I tried to back out, and it took a half hour for the window to close. Yes, thirty minutes. I'm not making that up. By then I had the kind of headache that comes complete with a twitchy eyelid. (And I did manage to grant the kid access to the boards later on, on my home computer. Yes, faster computer, slower connection (dial-up) IS faster than slower computer, faster connection (cable). In case you wondered.)

The afternoon got taken up with crit group stuff that needed doing, and with trying to get the headache to subside to a dull roar. When it began behaving, I got a crit done.

Wednesday evening's is our worship team night, and last night was an extra amount of fun. A couple in our group moved here two years ago from a community about four hours away, and their former church has asked our team to come and lead their worship service on May 29. They have pretty much given us free run of the service, and so last night was song picking time. We know a lot of songs. We LIKE a lot of songs. There were six of us with opinions! We got it narrowed down to 21, but it was a lot of work. But it was also a lot of fun. No recurrence of that nasty headache, just a wonderful evening with like-minded friends.

So today the goal was words. And words I got, just not as many as I'd hoped. There was just enough traffic through the store to get rather distracting. The story has moved forward by another 2K, and pushed through an awkward transition in time and space. (Can you say *revision*?. Tomorrow it will be back to the fun stuff. I've got great things in store for my characters for the next few chapters, and they're even going to like some of the things that happen. It's time for them to regroup for the last leg of the adventure. Happy days are here again.

Except for the Canadian government. Do you want to hear about that? So many of you were amused by BC politics the other day that I'll just say we're apparently keeping our federal minority government for a little bit longer, criminal charges pending and all. The house speaker had to break the tie in the vote to NOT bring the parliament down today. Very close. Whether its a good thing or a bad thing depends on one's viewpoint. Governments with criminal investigations on them are a bad thing, though. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that. But the repercussions of it crashing right now were also not good, from a Quebec separatism point of view. But the opposition also couldn't morally let things slide. Maybe, in the end, this was the best result. But I'm not quite convinced.

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