Friday, May 20, 2005

It's Friday again...

Amazing how that happens. I fear that the re-re-outline is going to need to be dealt with rather soon on this novel, though. I wound up freewriting for a bit this morning to even see far enough in advance to start the next chapter. Although it is still somewhat dim, at least I think I have found the direction. All in all, I did get enough words to claim myself a 5K marathon winner for these two days. With a margin of an extra 31 words! lol

It's pouring rain again, the wrong part for the lawnmower came, and I have the next three days off work. An interesting combination. I'm thinking we should just put the cows out on the lawn, and that would take care of all of our problems. Hey, we've done it before, other years, and they don't wreck...much. The bull likes to scratch his back on the lilac bush, though. Pruned it pretty good that time. Naw, I think I'll pass. Jim thinks he can borrow the one from the shop over the weekend, so I'll get to try out a new set of wheels. WooHoo. It'll stop raining sometime, don't you think?

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