Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Better today, thanks

Nearly 2K today, and that crazy chapter is completed. The one with the scandal in it that I knew nothing about until I'd typed half of it. The one with the guard who has no name but has more stinkin' backstory than the main characters do. THAT chapter. Yes, the chapter that changes the course of the remainder of the book once again. I'll put off re-re-outlining for as long as I can, but I see that Taafa is going to have to resolve things with Juumat in a more thorough way than I imagined earlier. I just didn't think the dude was that important before. But he and the unnamed guard were in trouble together back then, and it has to come back to haunt him. It has to. I just don't know how yet. Drat.

In happier news, it was quieter at work today and I had my words in by mid afternoon and so I got a lot of my files downloaded from my gmail account. Yay. Lots to go yet, but I feel better with it well started.

It's still raining and is supposed to until the weekend, but the part for the lawnmower came in. Is that good news or not? Let me ask the farm cats.

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Karenee said...

This is what is commonly known as inspiration. LOL Didn't know it was so painful, eh? Me either. Those non-writers out there just have no idea when they think of the fluffy IDEAS we come up with and so 'easily' put to paper. Groan. Back to my own bit of inspiration!!!