Monday, May 16, 2005

Forward Motion

and by that I simply mean that I had some today! Not as much as I'd hoped (I'm greedy) but still, 1287 words put me over 60K so far on first draft. I think it's been 7 weeks since I started, so I shouldn't be whining. I think the main thing is that I'd actually hoped to accomplish something besides the words, you know? It was crazy busy at work, so I kept being distracted by that. I know that's hard to imagine, but hey, go ahead and try. I still have tons of files sitting in gmail waiting to come back to earth and my hard drive. I'm just pulling the ones I need at the time, but need to set aside time to download the rest. AFTER I get my words for the day, is what I told myself today. But I didn't even get THAT until quarter to five...

And there's always crits to do. Everybody in my 2yn (2 year novel writing course) has been working so hard on their books since January '04, that now that we're posting first five pages for crit I want to crit ALL of them. Not to criticize but to critique...and hopefully encourage. There's some fine projects coming out of this class. I doubt there's any publishers reading my blog, but if you are--beware. There's going to be a lot of great submissions in late fall of this year. You might need to start thinking of a new imprint. And 2yners--get that book finished as fast as you can do a good job of it and get ahead of the pack.

I should take a pic of my lawn to show you. Nah. Just go to any abandoned lot near where you live and take a look. My lawn mower's broke down, and my lawn hasn't been mowed for over two weeks. It is extremely shaggy. Even the cats are looking disgusted as they try to pretty paw their way across. And on that cheery note I'll leave you for tonight.

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