Sunday, May 15, 2005

What every hopeful writer needs to know:

I was blog surfing this morning and ended up at Touch of Ink's blog" and from there discovered this article on facing every writer's second nightmare. The first nightmare has to be never selling any book at all, no matter how hard you've labored over it. The second nightmare is selling a few books and then sinking without a ripple. This little article is an honest look at the problem and how to prepare yourself for it, from one writer's personal experience.

At the moment, though, personally I have to deal with the first area: even sending material out so that it CAN be rejected. My goal is to have one novel making the rounds before the end of 2005. Maybe two. But apparently it's a good idea to start thinking of pseudonyms early on!


Margaret M. Fisk said...

That's a good article, Val. I've put it in my favorites (where it will eventually float up to my website :). It's important for writers to know what it's really like out there.

Maripat said...

That's a cool article. Thanks for posting that!

lindaruth said...

Yes, interesting article.

As to sending out stuff -- I'd be happy just to get a rejection! It's maddening to know that some people have your stuff but have no idea what they think.