Monday, May 09, 2005

I'm Ba-ack!

I know you've missed me. Friday afternoon I hopped the bus to my sister's for the weekend so we could continue to work on our family scrapbook. We started just before New Year's with our oldest artifacts (a card made by our grandmother as a child in 1897) and have proceeded all the way to 1953 by the end of this, our third weekend on the hit parade.

My mom was able to spend a few hours at my sister's both days I was there. She's 82 now and aging rapidly, so we're trying to catch the stories while she's still telling them. It was wonderful to be able to spend mother's day with her and my sis, being as my kids are too far away to come home. My daughter did track me down at her auntie's house, though, and made me check my email from there on webmail, as she had painted me a lovely mother's day painting of daffodils on her computer. She is a very talented girl, and I'm loving my gift! My son, who doesn't have a long distance plan on his telephone because he's a student and can't afford it, did also call home and catch the answering machine. "Hello, you have a collect call from: Happy Mother's Day"!!!! Gotta love his originality! I laughed myself silly. Jim drove over to pick me up and enjoyed a bit of time with my family as well. My sister's 3 year old granddaughter did her best to monopolize Uncle Jim. "Uncle Jim, will you play with me?" They read stories and played ball and did a puzzle.

We got home after ten thirty to a very lonely kitty cat who needed lots of attention too!

For the record, last week I wrote about 9500 words On *Marks of Repentance*, Shann's story. And so far today, nothing! Except...that my new cable modem has been installed on my work computer, and I now have everything pretty much set up. Time to flag down some words for the day...


Karenee said...

Yay! I can check on you at FM chat now and again -seeing as how IM won't work for me anymore. :(
Let me know via email when you'll be in there...the schedule, you know. I'll challenge you to a word war now and again.

lindaruth said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Good luck with the scrapbook. It sounds like a good project. My sister-in-law is making a scrapbook for my parents' 50th anniversary this fall. I think it will be neat when it's finished.