Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I don't know WHAT I did to my back

But I've sure remembered how thankful I should usually be to be healthy. I've been throwing bales evenings for the cows, but that is nothing new. I've been working out nearly daily: Curves, cycling, and some rowing (hate that machine...), so I'm a lot stronger and fitter than I used to be. But last night after chores, a hot shower wasn't enough to ease back the muscle aches in my shoulders, and after awhile I realized that my neck and entire back hurt, and the pain wasn't going away. And why would I keep muscle relaxers in the house? No reason at all, apparently. Extra strength Aspirin it was.

I woke up this morning still stiff and tender so started with a call to the chiropractor. She saw me at 9:15 and really put my back through the paces. It was out pretty much everywhere. And it is still very tender. I'm going home shortly to my new bottle of muscle relaxers and hope that by tomorrow I'll have forgotten today existed. What a cool idea.

Instead of trying to concentrate on revisions today, I worked on writing classes I'm scheduled to teach soon at Forward Motion. I'm a moderator in the forum for the under-eighteen crowd, so it's back to school time in there. I made pretty good progress all things considered. All the first drafts are done (four classes of about 500 words each), so in a few days I'll look them over for holes and idiocies. I'm sure there will be some of each. There always are.


Maripat said...

About time you started those classes. I'm almost done...

Wendy said...

I hope your back is better soon, hon.