Friday, September 02, 2005

Anniversary celebrations

Jim and I aren't very good at planning stuff ahead, and anyway our daughter put on a party for us in July (piggy-backed on Jim's sister's wedding). So it's not like we haven't officially celebrated the big two five. On the actual day (Tuesday) Jim was working upcountry, and Wednesday was his sleep day, coming off of nights. So Thursday I booked the afternoon off work (which thrilled my bosses. No, I'm dead serious. If the store is locked, no one can order more jobs...we're THAT busy...). Jim and I drove up the lake and across the ferry and spent the afternoon wandering around marinas. Jim would love to buy a sailboat some day. (And I ask, with what free time in the summer would we sail? He cuts hay all summer long...) So he lucked out with a guy just coming into the docks in a Matilda 20 footer who was happy to answer questions and offered us to go onboard and look around. Really friendly guy. (All I know for sure is that the sailboat in my novel has to be bigger than this one, no doubt at all.)

We went out for a nice dinner and then drove to the hot springs and sat in hot water for a couple of hours, then back across the ferry and home. I can assure you that the hot springs felt fabulous on my back. It's not back in A-1 condition, and that may take a few days yet, but it's definitely better than it was two days ago.

Meanwhile today Jim is going shooting with some friends, and this evening we're getting together with our worship team for some music. It's been a long summer off.

And me today? Time to get back into revisions. Hoping for some serious word count passing by.

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Jean said...

Valerie and Jim--Happy Anniversary. Sounds like you had a wonderful celebration.