Friday, September 16, 2005


My life is much too busy. I'm feeling quite out of kilter at the moment with that. My neck and shoulders are better. I saw the doctor, and am getting xrayed next week. I'm not too concerned about that. One more chiropractic on Monday, and I think I'll be pretty much good to go. I haven't had a headache worth mentioning for a couple days now. So that's all good.

Evenings have been busy with my kids home. Jim took a couple extra days off work this week to spend with them. They've been spending quality time, so that's good. They leave about midafternoon on Saturday, but lest anyone think that will give relaxation time, it ain't happening. Saturday evening our worship team is getting together for a barbecue and a practice, and Sunday Jim and I are driving out to the mines for a potluck picnic with his mechanics' shift up there. There are 17 mechanics on his shift, so with their families, it could be quite a few people. It'll be good to meet some of the people he's talked about. And Monday Jim goes back up for another work week.

Work? Crazy. I've never met a busier week here. It's been rare to get ten minutes between customers, which really isn't enough to start concentrating on revising. I've gotten nothing useful done in the writing end of things for several days now. All I know for sure is that the chapter that needs to be totally rewritten is next on the list. Still. It's such a comfort to think of that being the first thing that needs doing. :P I've worked ahead a bit here and there, but there's only so much I can do until that chapter is nailed. I know the last chapter, the denouement, will also need rewriting, but that doesn't scare me so much.

If life doesn't settle down I might have to start writing at home evenings. And here I thought I had the perfect job for it...


Jean said...

You're a victim of your own success at work. Hang in there.

Margaret M. Fisk said...

Hugs Val. It has been tough. But remember, writing at home will give you something to do when the cows are fed and Jim's still over at the mine :). It can't ALL be bad.