Monday, September 12, 2005

Over 70K now

I think my free ride through the middle of this novel is about over, though. I'm expecting to need to make more changes again in these last chapters similar to what was required by the first few. But so far it is coming together fairly well. I'm reserving judgment right now as to what project follows behind this one. I think I'll need a week of catching up in the store and with class projects and stuff before I nail that down. Still don't know whether I'll jump into nano prep or another revision. Decisions, decisions.

My neck continues to improve. Why does it always feel like a major set back to go to the chiropractor, though? It takes a few hours afterward to begin to feel human again. But we're definitely on the swing back up. Feels good.

It wasn't helped, over all, by sitting in the car for twelve hours on Saturday, though. Our son and his wife managed to swing a seat sale to an airport not quite close enough to home for my personal comfort. Now they are visiting her mom in a nearby town for a couple of days. They'll be in and out all week, then back to the college classes they're currently skipping.

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