Wednesday, September 07, 2005

In case you were wondering

I'm not dead yet. But I have another chiropractor appointment today in another attempt to put me back together. I had gotten to the point where every day was a little better than the day before, but I've been stalled again for a few days. The worst pain is settled into my neck. Sometimes I think, it's not so bad, I can handle this, and then I think, yeah, but why? If the technology exists to get rid of it, we should proceed poste haste to do just that. And then I realize how tight my jaw muscles are, gritting against the pain, I Yeah, I have another appointment today.

When Jim left on Saturday evening he thought he had the chores all set up for four days, but the cows (aka: pigs) have eaten everything and there's still one day to go, so I'll be calling in friends or family to bail me out this evening. There is simply no way that I can manage bales of hay yet today. Then he's home again for four. Hopefully at the other end of that I'll be able to cope again.

Yesterday I was back at work after a three day weekend (in which I slowly and carefully got my kitchen cleaned at least). It is still quite busy at work and that shows no sign of letting up. I've been working nearly daily with one couple as they manuever their way through all the flooring decisions for a large new house. Some folks trust their first instincts (if they can afford them, anyway) and just get stuff on order. These folks want to be sure. That's okay, but it is time consuming, and I feel like I repeat myself a lot as I explain reasons for and against.

Around all that, I did manage to revise most of a chapter yesterday. Unfortunately, the short opening scene turns out to have been in the wrong order, and putting it in the right place would not work, so I axed the darn thing entirely and am trying to work the pertinent info in elsewhere. I stared at the last scene of the chapter for awhile and realized that was where the rubber met the road as far as the eliminated scene went, and I simply couldn't face it with the headache I had by that point in the day. It's waiting for me this morning. That scene will be a total rewrite. All in all it's coming along all right. It's a decent story. I may sell it some day. It's unlikely to win any great awards.

On the other hand, two months after finishing first draft of Shann's story, it is still haunting me, in a good way. Part of me says, oh, skip nano and do the Shann revisions yet this fall. Who knows? I may do just that.


Jean said...

I hope a realignment does the trick.

Karenee said...

Hugs. I do hope this does the trick and you start feeling better.

Ooooh! And I can't wait to read the final edited project!