Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Book Tour - Trackers Day 2

This week we're talking up Book 2 of Kathryn Mackel's The Birthright Project. If you're interested in a free copy of Trackers, here are the contests I've come across so far:

Shannon McNear is giving away 2 books, Trackers and the first book in the series, Outriders.

Mirtika Schultz has links to interviews with Kathryn Mackel as well as a contest to give away Trackers.

Beth Goddard has Part 1 of an interview with Kathryn Mackel up today (with another part following tomorrow). She also is giving away a 2 book set, Outriders and Trackers.

Stuart Stockton has some great links as well as a giveaway on his blog.

In other news,
Over at Gene Curtis' place you can read about publishing budgets and how they affect other books and series, not only The Birthright Project.

The Speculative Faith group blog has posted the entire first chapter of Trackers.

I can't miss this opportunity to plug my daughter's blog. I think she has some interesting comments to make about Christian science fiction in general and this series in particular. Visit Hanna Sandvig here.

Lots of other folks have comments to make as well. Visit these blogs for *more*!
Jim Black
Jackie Castle
Frank Creed
Chris Deanne
Janey DeMeo
April Erwin
Todd Michael Greene
Karen Hancock
Elliot Hanowski
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Sharon Hinck
Joleen Howell
Jason Joyner
Karen and at Karen¹s myspace
Oliver King
Tina Kulesa
Lost Genre Guild
Kevin Lucia and The Bookshelf Reviews 2.0 - The Compendium
Terri Main
Rachel Marks
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Caleb Newell
Eve Nielsen
John Otte
Cheryl Russel
James Somers
Steve Trower
Chris Walley
Daniel I. Weaver
Mark Goodyear


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to the interview!

Anonymous said...

Hi there--you have such a pretty blog, Val.

Have a great day!

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Hi, Valerie,

I love the way you've pointed your readers to key posts. That is just the way the tour should work, I think. (Did I tell you this yesterday, too? Sorry if I'm repeating myself!)

Nice job!