Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Book Tour -- Trackers Day 3

There has been a bit of talk around the Blogosphere regarding the cancellation of the third book in the The Birthright Project. The first book, Outriders, and the second book, Trackers, haven't done as well as hoped. I asked Kathryn Mackel to explain some of the processes regarding the cancellation of a novel. Here's what she said:

Unfortunately, there are no plans right now for a third book in the Birthright Series. Fantasy continues to be a tough sell in the Christian marketplace and the sales for Outriders weren't robust enough to continue through a third book. That said, a dear friend reminded me that if the Lord gave me a vision for Scouts - and He has - then it would be so. Not in my timing or in that of my dear readers, but in His. I wait expectantly but patiently for that opportunity to present itself.

As to whether the shortening of the series affected the second book, not much at all. We went with the story we had and, with the exception of asking me to resolve one character's struggle of the heart, WestBow allowed me to keep Trackers as written. Like any book in a series, Trackers stands alone as its own story but also builds on Outriders and leaves plenty of opportunity to continue on without leaving readers hanging.

Some readers have offered to "storm the gates" of WestBow and demand a third book. Better to pray and ask if this story yet has some value to expand the Kingdom or encourage the saints, then I have an opportunity to write it. If not, so be it. We have a thousand daily ways to serve the Lord and this tale - while a blessing to me - is only one of them!

Kathryn Mackel is also a writer of Christian chillers. Visit her website at And check out what my blog tour mates have to say about Trackers. (See yesterday's post for links to giveaways and interviews.)

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