Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blog Tour - A Pagan's Nightmare

I have to tell you, A Pagan's Nightmare is more than a pagan's nightmare. Ray Blackston has written a Christian's nightmare, too! This was a decidedly odd novel-within-a-novel. From the inside cover comes the first clue:
Who's ever heard of a reverse rapture?

Larry Hutch may have a few loose screws in his head, but he's determined to create a hit with his latest manuscript. While dealing with personal crises, he conceives of a strange new world: on a routine Monday morning in Atlanta, an unwary "pagan" finds himself one of the last remaining unbelievers in a world populated by Christians.

Christians can buy gas for twelve cents a gallon, while everyone else (the pagans, that is) has to pay $6.66. The radio stations alter all song lyrics to conform to "Christian" standards--the Beatles belt out "I Wanna Hold Your Tithe"; ABBA's "Dancing Queen" becomes "Dancing's Wrong." Even French fries, newly labeled "McScriptures," are tools for evangelism.

Larry's novel is a big hit with his agent, Ned. But Ned's wife--a committed Southern Baptist--is less than amused. And Larry has yet to show the manuscript to his new girlfriend, even though he's made her the unsuspecting heroine. It will take deft handling from both these men to keep their lives and their relationships intact when the world witnesses A Pagan's Nightmare.

Angela Hunt, a Christian author with multiple books published, has this to say:
Ray Blackston's A Pagan's Nightmare is a delightful tongue-in-cheek look at some of our sacred cows...and he's not afraid to tip them over! Ray does a great job of reminding us what's really important--not the trappings we've created for ourselves, but our relationship with a living, powerful God."

Definitely an unsettling book, but sometimes thinking is uncomfortable. The story lingers on...

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